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Battambang Province     馬德望省

The area is known locally and internationally as the "Rice Bowl" of Cambodia. This is because the economy of Battambang is extremely efficient in the production of rice, and additionally because of the comparative advantage and local endowments in the region.

Once you arrive in the province, there are a number of attractions for tourists to see. The area is home to some spectacular scenery, which makes walking, tramping, and sightseeing a must for any visitor. Numerous historic ruins are open to the public, including Wat Ek Phnom, which was constructed during the Bayon period. The temple and ruins lie 10 kilometers north of the Cobra River, and are at the bottom of a hill, hence only limited exercise is required to reach them. For a more enduring experience, Phnom Banan is a mountaintop temple built in the Angkor period. The temple is still in relatively good condition, however pillaging and looting was once rife in the area, and the effects of this are noticeable. Nevertheless, this is an excellent sight to see, and any tourists to the area should be sure to check out at least a few of the many temples, as they certainly build a cultural and historical awareness. Other attractions worth a note are the Phnom Sampeou Mountain, the Kamping Puoy Reservoir - an incredible engineering project, Wat Pee-Pahd - an important symbol of Buddihsm in Battambang, and the Gold Buddah Hill. As you can see, a tourist will not be lost for things to do in the province.

Finally, the climate is unlikely to provide any major impact on your activities. Any tourist should be sure of their travel dates, and know the corresponding season in which they will be visiting. As mentioned previously, the rainy season is from June to October, the cool season takes place between November and February, and the hot season runs from March to May.

As with any area in Cambodia, but in particular relation to Battambang due to the popularity of bush and mountain walks, you should never venture off the set trail, as land mines are still actives in some areas. It's better to be safe than sorry.

(Some information extracted from Cambodia Ministry Of Tourism)

一旦到達該省,有許多旅遊景點可供您遊覽。當地擁有壯觀的景色,值得每一個遊客徒步旅行。眾多的歷史遺跡都對公眾開放,包括巴戎時期建造的埃普農廟。這座廟和許多遺跡處於眼鏡蛇河以北10公里,和都是在山腳下,因此您遊覽時只需要有限的運動。爲了更深刻的體驗,巴南山廟是建在吳哥時期的一座山頂寺廟。該廟仍處於相當良好的狀態,然而掠奪和搶劫在當地是非常盛行的,而且其影響是很明顯的。但無論如何至少要遊覽更多的寺廟遺址,因為這是您豐富文化和歷史知識的一個很好機會。其他景點值得一覽的是Sampeou 山,Kamping Puoy 水庫----一個令人難以置信的工程項目,Pee-Pahd廟-----馬德望省的一個重要佛教象徵,和金佛山。正如您所看到的,這裡是不容錯過得旅遊景點。