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Koh Kong     國公省

Koh Kong is the most southwestern province of Cambodia. It is one of the biggest provinces in the whole country with a long undeveloped coastline and a mountainous, forested and largely inaccessible interior, which embraces part of the Cardamom Mountains, the biggest coherent rainforest of Southeast Asia. Its tourist attractions include abundant wildlife; big waterfalls and casinos on the border to Thailand, while an Export Processing Zone and new port facilities are being developed for international trade.


Mangrove forest (Eco-Tourism) 紅樹林 (生態旅遊):

Take the eco-tourism sanctuary in Cambodia's south-western Koh Kong Province - visitors venture into an extensive mangrove forest, deep into an ecosystem you'll never find anywhere else. Visitors get to walk on an elevated platform through a path cut through the Cambodian mangrove forest. Where the path ends, a suspension bridge crosses the wetlands to an elevated platform that takes visitors above the forest canopy.



Full fledged animal theme park complete with animal shows and a small zoological park displaying tigers, bears, ostriches, deer and several other species from around the world. Regularly scheduled dolphin shows, crocodile feedings, tiger shows, orangutan shows and bird shows. There is a show of some sort every hour or so all day long. Though some of the shows may not be to everyone's taste, by local standards the animals have the appearance of being fairly well fed and cared for. Restaurant and beach. Fun place to take the kids. Open everyday. Busy on the holidays. Located 500m from the border crossing, near the Koh Kong Resort.



The Tatai Waterfall is one of the most impressive in the Koh Kong region. It is in a spectacular setting in a jungle gorge and consists of powerful rapids falling over a 4 meter high rock wall. During the dry season, the rapids are non-existent, but you can walk across the rock wall and take a swim in the river.


4 river floating lodge (Ta-Tai river)     4河上小屋 (Ta-Tai河):

Situated on the curve of a river in the little explore Cardamom Mountains, close to the border with Thailand, it offers an unforgettable and magical escape.
Surrounded by unspoilt forest, rare orchids and fragrant frangipani trees, the resort's 12 safari style villas are equipped with all mod cons - flat screen televisions, wifi, en-suite bathrooms and private sundecks. However, it is quite likely that you will spend most of your time out exploring the mountains and their flora and fauna. The cuisine is a mix of western and Asian, with river fish the regional speciality.

坐落在小豆蔻山脈一條曲綫河上,靠近泰國邊境,它是一個令人難忘的和神奇的景色。 被未受破壞的森林包圍,稀有的蘭花和香雞蛋花樹,度假村的12個旅行式別墅配有現代化生活設備,如數位電視,無線網絡,浴室的私人陽臺。然而,很可能您會花大部份時間去探索山脈,植物群和動物群。美食佳餚特色是綜合西式和亞式,而特別菜色是河魚。

(Some information extracted from Cambodia Ministry Of Tourism    資料取自柬埔寨旅遊局)