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Visa Application 簽證申請

In order to visit Kingdom of Cambodia, all nationalities need to apply for a travel visa, except from the following countries: Malaysia, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei.


Where to apply?    在何處申請簽證?

  1. Visa at Royal Cambodian Embassy or Consulate abroad before arrival
       抵達之前可在柬埔寨王國 大使館或駐外領事館辦理簽證
  2. Visa on arrival 落地簽證
    • 2.1 By Airport     機場
    • Phnom Penh International Airport, Phnom Penh
    • Siem Reap International Airport, Siem Reap

    • 2.2 By Land     陸路邊境
    • Gateways between Cambodia and Thailand:
    • Poipet (Visa on arrival & E-visa available)
    • Cham Yeam (Visa on arrival & E-visa available)
           Cham Yeam(落地簽證&電子簽證)
    • O Smach (Visa on arrival available)
           O Smach (落地簽證)
    • Choam (Visa on arrival available)
           Choam (落地簽證)
    • Prom (Visa on arrival available)
           Prom (落地簽證)
    • Dong (Visa on arrival available)
           Dong (落地簽證)

    • Gateways between Cambodia and Laos:
    • Trapaing Kreal (Visa on arrival available)
           Trapaing Kreal (落地簽證)

    • Gateways between Cambodia and Vietnam:
    • Bavet (Visa on arrival & E-visa available)
           Bavet (落地簽證&電子簽證)
    • Kaam Samnor (Visa on arrival available)
           Kaam Samnor (落地簽證)
    • Phnom Den (Visa on arrival available)
           Phnom Den (落地簽證)
    • Trapaing Phlong (Visa on arrival available)
           Trapaing Phlong (落地簽證)
    • Trapaing Srè (Visa on arrival available)
           Trapaing Srè (落地簽證)
    • Oyadav (Visa on arrival available)
           Oyadav (落地簽證)
    • Banteay Chakrei (Visa on arrival available)
           Banteay Chakrei (落地簽證)
    • Preak Chak (Visa on arrival available)
           Preak Chak (落地簽證)
    • Samrong (Visa on arrival available)
           Samrong (落地簽證)

  3. E-Visa 電子簽證
    • E-Visa can be applied online easily, it is a convenience and express way to get visa for tourist that planning to kingdom of Cambodia, you just need to visit E-visa official website (, complete online application form, upload a recent passport-size photo in JPEG/ PNG format, pay by credit card, the visa will be approved within three business days. The E-visa, valid for a thirty-day stay, is available only for a typical tourist visa for a single entry. It is currently not available for nationalities from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Arab Saudi, Algeria, Sudan, and Sri Lanka. For a business visa, please apply at your nearest embassy or on arrival in all major check points. Tourists getting such a visa online can enter Cambodia through Phnom Penh International Airport, Siem Reap International Airport, Bavet (Svay Rieng), Cham Yeam (Koh Kong), and Poipet (Banteay Meanchey), and they can exit through these five main points.

    • 電子簽證可在網上申請,它是一項非常便利的網上申請柬埔寨旅遊簽證服務,您只需要上電子簽證官方網站(,填滿線上申请表格,上传一张護照照片大小的JPEG/PNG格式近期照片,採用信用卡付款方式,簽證將在三個工作日內獲得批准。電子簽證逗留期限為30天,僅旅遊簽證類型單次入境。目前不適用於伊朗,伊拉克,巴基斯坦,阿富汗,孟加拉,沙特阿拉伯,阿爾及利亞,蘇丹和斯裡蘭卡這些國家。至於商務簽證,請您向就近的柬埔寨大使館或於各主要檢查站申請。持有電子簽證的遊客可經過金邊國際機場、暹粒國際機場、巴域(柴楨省),Cham Yeam (國公省)及波貝(卜迭棉芷省)這五個主要檢查站出入柬埔寨邊境。


What require for visa application ?    簽證申請需要哪些條件?
  • A completed visa application form    填上簽證申請表格
  • Passport valid at least further 6 months    護照有效期至少有6個月以上
  • One recent passport-size picture (4x6)    一張護照大小的近期照片(4 x 6)
  • Appropriate visa fee    簽證費用
  • Supporting documents for business and official visas    商務和公務的證明文件
What is the visa cost ?    簽證費用是如何算?
  • USD20 for Tourist visa    旅遊簽證20美元
  • USD25 for Business visa    商務簽證25美元
Visa extension ?    簽證延期?

The tourist and business visa can be extended at the Immigration Department, National Police. The Diplomatic, Official and Courtesy visas can be extended at the Consular Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. however, travel agency can assist you to apply that with a service charge. A tourist visa can be extended only once for up to one month (single entry). A business visa can be extended for:


  • One month (Single entry)    一個月(單次入境)
  • Three months (Single entry)    三個月(單次入境)
  • Six months (Multiple entry)    六個月(多次入境)
  • One year (Multiple entry)    一年 (多次入境)

Over stay will be fined USD 5 per day